8th to 12th November 2021

Australian Mediation Awareness Weeek

Culture and Dispute Resolution

About Australian Mediation Awareness Week

Our mission is to increase the use of appropriate dispute resolution before or instead of going to court in order to reduce the harm including the emotional and financial costs of unresolved disputes.

#AuMAW is now working in collaboration with the International Mediation Awareness Week to provide Australian dispute resolution professionals with a global voice as we engage, educate and inform the Australian community about the benefits of ADR (appropriate dispute resolution)

Monday 8th to Friday 12th November

2021 Presenters

Joanne Law

Joanne Law

Co-founder of Interact Support and Director of Mediation Institute

Joanne is the Australian Host for the International Mediation Awareness Week.

She’ll also be hosting sessions and coordinating the event.

Fiona Kirkman

Fiona Kirkman

Family Lawyer, FDRP and FamilyProperty Legal Tech owner

Fiona will be facilitating a Mock Mediation using the legal tech developed by her team, FamilyProperty.

She’ll also be presenting a Webinar explaining the benefits of using software to manage end to end collaboration between FDR Practitioners and Lawyers in Family Law.

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Our history

2021 is the 5th  Australian Mediation Awareness Week

  • in 2021 #AuMAW21 is running in conjunction with the International Mediation Awareness Week with a theme of Culture and Dispute Resolution
  • in 2020 we did not run Australian Mediation Awareness Week
  • in 2019 #AuMAW2019 will be between the 10th and 16th October with a theme of ADR = Appropriate Dispute Resolution
  • In 2018 #AuMAW2018 was between the 15th and the 21st October with a theme of “Let’s talk about it”
  • In 2017 #AuMAW2017 was between the 14th and 20th October.
  • In 2016 #AuMAW was held the 7th and 13th December.
  • Australian Mediation Awareness Week 2016 was inspired by the UK Mediation Awareness Week 2016 and forms part of an international effort by mediators to improve understanding of the benefits of mediation.