What are the 4 Big Skills

The 4 Big Skills

The 4 Big Skills teach people basic life skills. Managing emotions is difficult sometimes. However, when you realise that emotions are normal and that you can calm upset emotions – the more you will be able to effectively act on feelings that don’t have a negative effect but a positive one.

Our behaviour, and how we act in certain situations, can be the catalyst for a good or bad outcome. Extreme behaviour is what you want to avoid using.

Another skill to learn is Flexible thinking. When you realise that there is almost always more than one way to look at things or more than one way to solve a problem, you will be open to many possibilities. Your way is not always the right way.

Checking yourself is the last skill that ties all of the skills together. It also allows you to have a look at yourself and not blame others for your actions, behaviour or emotions.

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