7.12.2016: The Conflict Interpreter Webinar

Webinar by Malcolm Guy from MIM Mediation

The Conflict Interpreter webinar / mini training hosted by Malcolm Guy from MIM Mediation. Designed for mangers and leaders this one hour webinar is full of practical hints and tips you can implement right away as well as guidance on when bringing in an independent, professional mediator may be necessary to avoid conflict escalation.

Interact Support

A not-for-profit dedicated to providing low cost support for family law issues with a mission to reduce and resolve family conflict and prevent family violence.

Joanne Law

Joanne Law

A specialist provider of vocational and industry recognised training in mediation and family dispute resolution qualifications.

13.12.2016: Interact Support Open Day

200 Queen Street

Open Day at Interact Support will provide an opportunity to find out more about the innovative programs delivered by Interact Support to help prevent family violence.

7.12.2016: Conference Presentation at the STOP Domestic Violence Conference 2016

Conference Presenation Stop Domestic Violence Conference

Joanne Law, Director of Studies for Mediation Institute and Program Manager for the Interact Support, Court-Support Program, looks at the untapped potential for Mediation and Family Dispute Resolution in helping to prevent family violence incidents between high conflict family members. Federal Circuit Court data shows that 52% of Parenting Order applications are going to court […]