Would you like to host an event?


The goal for 2019 is to spread awareness of the many ways that disputes can be resolved without going to court.

Our catch phase is ADR = Appropriate Dispute Resolution.

We’d love you to get involved and help make the 4th Australian Mediation Awareness Week an outstanding series of events throughout the country.

Host an event

Hosting an event can be as simple or spectacular as you would like to make it.

Here are some ideas:

Do you want to be an offical Event Host?

That means that you or your organisation will be promoted as the event host and will be the point of contact for your event.

It is up to you to schedule your event during Mediation Awareness Week, create a booking method e.g. an eventbrite or facebook event and let us know about your event.

If you are all systems go create your event and let us know.

If you need a bit more help send us an email and we’ll forward more information about organising an event.

Your event can be as small or grand as you would like to organise.

All event hosts will be acknowledged on the website. You can provide information about your services at the event you host and use the official Event Host tile on your website and communications.

Event Host

Volunteer to assist an event host

Don’t want the responsibility of running an event but want to help?

We would love your help!

Join the Facebook group which will be our main communication channel for general chit chat https://www.facebook.com/groups/1128471800674603/

As a supporter you will be acknowledged on the website. You may be able to provide information about your services at any specific event you host (up to the event host) and you can use the official Event Host tile on your website and communications.

Official Supporter

Sponsor an Event

Sponsors are non-mediation practitioners who are interested in helping to spread the word about mediation.

Sponsors may include:

#AuMAW  is not a money making venture. Our purpose is to promote the use of mediation and other forms of appropriate dispute resolution when and where they are appropriate to prevent disagreements and disputes escalating into conflict and violence or costly court battles.

There are costs associated with running events so if you would like to provide financial or in-kind sponsorship to pay for general marketing materials, advertising or to cover the costs of venue, refreshments or give-aways at a specific event please get in touch with us or the event host.

Any sponsorship funs will be used to promote the week or assist in facilitating individual events.

Sponsorship can be in any form that you would like to contribute ranging from:

All sponsors will be acknowledged on the website and at the local events that you are contributing to and be able to use the official sponsor tile on your website and communications.

Official Sponsor Tile

Contact us with your support proposal.


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