The purpose of the “let’s have a chat” morning tea is to provide an opportunity to speak together in a group situation over a cup of tea. We will supply you with some information and FAQ’s on mediation but the main point of the “let’s have a chat” morning tea is to talk about communication and emotional self-defence.

Let’s have a chat morning tea is for any workplace wanting to provide an opportunity to learn more about mediation, communication and the importance of emotional self-defence and emotional first-aid.

What is a “Let’s have a chat” Morning Tea?

It is a way for workplaces and communities right around Australia to participate in Mediation Awareness Week in a positive way.

Australian Mediation Awareness Week is a series of events that are designed to increase awareness of the benefits of mediation and sorting out issues by talking them through.

Not every issue can be sorted out by having a chat, sometimes you need the structure and independent umpire that mediation provides, but having a chat is a great place to start.

Please contact us if you would like to host a “Let’s have a chat” Morning Tea.

What do we have to do to have a “Let’s have a chat” Morning Tea?

  1.  Pick a date between the 15th and 21st October 2018.
  2. Complete and return this form to Interact Support (the not-for-profit organizing the Mediation Awareness Week)
  3. We’ll send you prompts closer to your morning tea to put up a poster and other strategies to let people know when it is on
  4. Supply morning tea or even better encourage people to “bring a plate” to showcase their heritage as a celebration of the strength in difference.

We will provide you with:

Your organization will go on the map showing that you are a Mediation Awareness Week event and your organization will be showcased on the supporter’s page.

This event is for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have a great organizational culture you want to celebrate or if your organizational culture is troubled by disharmony. It is a great opportunity to raise awareness of appropriate dispute resolution methods for the workplace or your people’s personal lives.