About Us

Australian Mediation Awareness Week is a national series of events designed to help raise awareness of mediation and other forms of Appropriate Dispute Resolution.


Australian Mediation Awareness Week Facebook Page has information about #AuMAW and the opportunity to interact with hosts.


Interact Supports twitter feed. Interact is the organisation that hosts the Australian Mediation Awareness Week website.

YouTube Playlist

Videos about the Australian Mediation Awareness Week or produced during one of the weeks in the past.

Our story

In 2016 the founders of Interact Support noticed the international movement of Mediation Awareness Weeks. We made contact and then decided to join the movement to increase awareness of the benefits of mediation and other forms of appropriate dispute resolution.

Mediation Institute provides major sponsorship for Mediation Awareness Week however the initiative is inclusive of any groups or organisations that want to contribute.

Since then the word has spread to dispute resolution professionals and other organisations have supported Mediation Awareness Week in Australia.

#AuMAW is our hashtag. The individual events are organised and hosted by individuals and groups with this website designed to support and promote the events.

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